Bob Arum: Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua Will Hopefully Be Agreed To In The Next Two Weeks


Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua is the fight all boxing fans want to see, and according to Fury’s U.S. promoter, Bob Arum, they are hopeful it will be agreed to in the next two weeks.

If Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua do end up fighting, it would be one of the biggest fights in recent memory. However, Arum believes Fury knocks Joshua out.

“I don’t want to make a deadline, but I just can report that everything so far has been going splendidly, and we hope to have a signed document within the next couple of weeks,” Arum said to SkySports. “That might not provide for a site, because again, we can have a document that the fighters would have signed, and everything, and then have a mutual agreement clause of the site. We’re all on the same page, as far as I can see. I’m 95 percent confident the fight happens, and I’m 100 percent confident that my guy wins, and wins by knockout.”

Not only does Bob Arum think the fight is close to happening, but so too, does Eddie Hearn.

“I don’t want to say too much, other than we’re going well,” Hearn toldΒ Sky Sports. We’re now papering the fight, in terms of the contracts, a period of the fight, and looking out now in the next stages to go to the different various sites that have made offers and discuss the fight and the date with them. All I want to tell you really is we’re on track and I don’t see anything derailing it.

“We’re talking to Saudi Arabia, we’re talking to Qatar, we’re talking to Dubai, we’re talking to Singapore, we’re talking to China, we’re talking to America. We all know everybody would like this fight in the UK. Can we hand on heart say that in May, we can have 100,000 people in Wembley? I think very unlikely.”

Who do you think will win, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua?