Caleb Plant On Canelo Alvarez Fight: ‘Don’t Be Surprised If It’s Easier Than Y’all Think’

Canelo Alvarez

It’s fair to say that Caleb Plant is confident of his chances against Canelo Alvarez.

Plant will put his IBF super middleweight title on the line in a title unification clash against Alvarez which takes place November 6 in Las Vegas.

For many observers, fans and oddsmakers, the result is all but known as Alvarez is a heavy betting favorite to defeat Plant and unify the 168-pound division.

However, Plant is out to prove everyone wrong. He even believes he’ll make things look easy.

“I mean, I’m willing and ready to take it wherever it has to go to get my hand raised,” Plant said when asked if he would welcome a “brutal” fight versus Alvarez (via Boxing Scene). “But don’t be surprised if it’s easier than y’all think.”

While Plant is an undefeated champion who should be confident in his skills and ability, he is yet to face anyone near Alvarez’s level.

That said, if the American didn’t believe he could win, he wouldn’t have signed on to fight him.

“I mean, I like my chances in any fight,” Plant added. “If I didn’t believe that I can win, y’all wouldn’t have these cameras in front of my face right now. And, you know, you guys have made plenty of fight predictions before and you guys have been wrong. But you know how many times I’ve been wrong? None.

“And ever since I started boxing, from my first tournament that I went to, people telling me what I can’t be, what I can be. You know, I don’t belong in this sport, I’m never gonna become a world champion. And it seems like the more people tell me I couldn’t, the more I believe in myself. And at this point, every comment or every time someone says that you can’t do it, I feel like I’m just even more right. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m just ready for the fight.”

Do you think Plant has a chance?