Eddie Hearn Eyes Future Fight Between Francis Ngannou & Anthony Joshua or Dillian Whyte

Eddie Hearn

Francis Ngannou began his martial arts journey with the goal of becoming a boxer. Whilst at the time he was convinced to take the MMA route instead, the now UFC heavyweight champion may yet step into the boxing ring.

Boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn, actually attempted to create hype behind a fight between Ngannou and Dillian Whyte. Hearn reportedly recorded a press conference with both Whyte and Ngannou. However, the UFC quickly threw cold water over it before the presser could air. Hearn stated the following:

β€œI love Francis Ngannou. We almost had a presser with Dillian Whyte and him, but the UFC shut that down after we taped it. We do have the footage, though. I would love to see a double matchup with Ngannou and Dillian Whyte. One in the cage and one out of it. Ditto for [Katie] Taylor and [Amanda] Nunes,” Hearn told AK and Barak on SiriusXM” (H/T Boxing Scene).

Whilst Ngannou would no doubt be a fight many would be interested in, a fight against Anthony Joshua could eclipse all previous records. Speaking about the potential matchup, Hearn was far from dismissive. He stated the following:

β€œAJ wants to be the best, but he also wants to do different things once he meets his goals. So a fight with Francis Ngannou isn’t impossible. Just like Katie Taylor vs Cyborg or Nunes, potentially.”

Do you think there’s a chance we could see Francis Ngannou face off against Dillian Whyte or Anthony Joshua? Let us know in the comments.