Canelo Alvarez Believes Boxing Should Have Only One Champion Per Weight Class

Canelo Alvarez isn’t a fan of multiple champions in the same weight class in boxing.

A common complaint between boxing fans and even boxers is the fact everyone seems to have a belt nowadays. For Alvarez, he agrees that is a problem and thinks there should only be one champion per weight class.

“The sanctioning body organizations do it for a reason, and [boxers] are world champions at the end of the day. Everybody wants to win a title,” Alvarez told in an interview.

“Everybody wants to have [a belt]. Everybody complains, but all fighters want to have a world title. There’s no reason to create politics out of it. I really don’t have an opinion regarding that. I believe that the interim titles, and all those types of things, they do have to discard them, for it to be a little bit more exclusive [to be a champion]. There should be one single champion per weight class. But that’s the way it is right now. We just have to cope with what the times offer.”

If there is only one champion per weight class it would likely make the bigger stars fight one another if they want to become a champion. It would also solidify champions as the best, and that is what Alvarez wants to be considered. He says he wants to face the best fighters in the world to cement his case as one of the best ever.

“I am going to focus on doing my thing and winning fights and reaching my short-term goals,” said Alvarez. “When I do retire, the numbers and the championships that I’ve won, the fights, they are going to place in whatever position they place me.”

Canelo Alvarez is set to return on Saturday against Avni Yildirim.

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