Canelo Alvarez Believes Floyd Mayweather Can’t Beat Him Now

Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez knows if he and Floyd Mayweather were to fight right now, he would get his revenge.

In 2013, Alvarez and Mayweather met in a very intriguing matchup given both of them were undefeated. However, it was Mayweather who got the job done by decision, and since then, Alvarez has proven how good he is. Some also believe Mayweather fought the Mexican too early in his career and if they rematched years later, it would be different and Alvarez thinks that is true.

“Without a doubt I would beat him, it would be a very different fight. I am a more mature fighter, it would be a totally different fight,โ€ Canelo Alvarez said to Univision (via DAZN). I have more experience, I learned a lot. I said that this was not going to stop me [the loss in 2013], that I would be the best in the world at some point, it hurt a lot because I wanted to win, but only God knows why he does the things he does.”

Although Alvarez believes he would beat Mayweather in a rematch, it’s highly unlikely they will fight again. Mayweather is retired and is 44-years-old, so the chances he would take a high-level fight against Alvarez doesn’t seem likely.

Instead, Canelo Alvarez is focused on his May 8 fight against Billy Joe Saunders who has promised he is the Mexican’s toughest test and will hand him another L.

“We will see on May 8 if he is the best opponent that I’ve faced, but it’s being assumed that he is,” Alvarez said. “Yes, he is a fighter who moves a lot, he’s left-handed, with experience. He is supposed to be one of the most difficult opponents that I’ve faced.”

Do you think Canelo Alvarez would beat Floyd Mayweather if they were to rematch now?