Conor McGregor Sends Tyson Fury A Bottle Of Proper 12 Ahead Of Deontay Wilder Rematch (Video)

Conor McGregor

It appears Conor McGregor and his Proper 12 Irish Whiskey are sponsoring the Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury II fight tomorrow.

Recently, The MacLife uploaded a video interview with Fury, gifting him a bottle of Proper 12 from McGregor himself. The interviewer noted that McGregor and Proper 12 were sponsoring the fight before awarding Fury with the bottle. Fury seemed happy with the gift, saying he plans on drinking it after his fight and would love to do so with McGregor if he’s in Vegas for the event.

“Thank you very much, Conor,” Fury said. “I appreciate it. I’m going to get smashed out me f*cking face, after the fight, if you’re here in Vegas, let’s do it together. Boom!”

McGregor has been very vocal about the Wilder vs. Fury rematch on social media. After the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) banned Fury and Wilder from facing off at today’s weigh-ins, following their physical altercation earlier this week, McGregor took to Twitter to defend the fighters. He suggested the commission was overreacting a bit and should let the men face off one last time before fighting.

“Guys, please relax here. Vegas commission, you are one of thee best commissions, bar none, for impeccably handling events of unpredictability. Place men between the men. Security on stage. Let them get one last look at each other. The last look before it’s really f*cking on.”

Check out McGregor’s gifting of Fury the bottle of Proper 12 here below:

What do you think about McGregor sending Fury a bottle of his Proper 12 Irish Whiskey before his rematch with Wilder?