Eubank vs Smith Preview

Chris Eubank Jr., Liam Smith

The highly anticipated rematch between Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr is drawing ever closer. Fans have been looking forward to this bout after seeing the pair hit the ring together earlier in the year as their rivalry continues to heat up.

Smith won the first meeting between the pair in January when he managed to knockdown Eubank Jr twice inside the first minute of the fourth round at the AO Arena before the referee decided enough was enough and call for the end of the contest; much to the dismay of Eubank Jr and his frustrations.

He decided to quickly activate his rematch clause, which would have happened earlier this year if it were not for a minor injury that Smith had sustained during his training camp. Notwithstanding any new developments or unforeseen problems, Smith vs Eubank Jr 2 will now take place once again at the AO Arena on September 2.

Bitter Rivalry

Both fighters have a bitter rivalry with each other, as the pair continue to fight in the middleweight division. The man with the nickname โ€œNext Genโ€ was not happy about how the previous contest ended, and wants revenge on โ€œBeefyโ€ after the latter dominated the first fight.

It is worth noting that Smith went into that fight as the underdog and many believe that while he will still be an underdog in the repeat clash, there is every chance that he could be successful once again.

This is something that many will likely have in mind when it comes to betting on the boxing contest, as they will remember just how dominant Smith was, while also remembering that Eubank Jr will likely be fuelled by his emotions, which are not always conducive to a winning formula. When wagering, fans will want to use the fastest payout sportsbook available to them, as this will ensure they are able to get any potential winnings back as soon as possible if they want to withdraw them.

Tale of the tape

If you are trying to work out what might happen when these two British boxers take to the ring for the second time, then it can be worth looking at the table of the tape. Although the first bout will remain in the minds of many, it can be important to not look beyond certain aspects of a fighter and their records, especially as one fight does not always define an experienced boxerโ€™s career.

Smith is the older of the two but is only 18 months or so older than his opponent at 35, but Eubank Jr also has an advantage in terms of physical components. He is 5’11” and has a reach of 72.5โ€, which is a lot longer than the 69.3โ€ reach of the 5’9″ Scouser.

Both fighters adopt an orthodox style and have similar professional boxing records. Eubank Jr currently has one that reads 32-3-0, while Smithโ€™s reads at 33-3-1.

A lot on the line

The upcoming second meet has also seen the two fighters engage in a war of words, although that is nothing unusual for a high-profile boxing clash. Since it was confirmed that this bout would take place, Smith has told Eubank Jr he knows about his vulnerabilities after his double knockdown. The Scouser has also upped the ante with this fight, though, as he has stated that the loser should probably be looking at retiring from the sport.

Both men have not fought since the fight between the pair in January, and this one has been billed as a potential clash that will define their future career trajectory in professional boxing. The winner is likely to go on to bigger things and challenge for the biggest titles once again at their weight, while the other is likely to flounder at the bottom and potentially struggle to return to the top of the division ever again.

Too close to call

If you are looking to potentially wager on the upcoming Eubank Jr vs Smith II clash, it would seem that a winner could be as close as the flip of a coin. While Smith was the winner in the last bout, he has had injuries since, while Eubank Jr will be fuelled by anger in his desire for revenge. 

Nonetheless, regardless of the outcome, September 2 should be a night of quality boxing and is definitely not one to miss! Make sure you have your eyes on the next installment of this bitter rivalry. It is one that will be explosive for various reasons.

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