John Fury Sends A Warning To Jake Paul Ahead Of Tommy Fury Boxing Match

John Fury

John Fury has sent a warning to Jake Paul ahead of his boxing match this month against Tommy Fury.

Paul and Fury have been booked to box twice prior with both times Fury pulling out. Yet, they are once again booked to fight each other on February 26 in Saudi Arabia and John Fury makes it clear Tommy will make it to the ring. Along with that, he believes he will viciously KO Paul that sends him out on a stretcher.

“Jake, you think Tommy’s not gonna show up. You’re going to be very disappointed and mistaken because we’re 100 percent going to be there,” John Fury said. “We can’t wait to get this fight on with you. There’s no way in the world — in this entire world — this fight ain’t gonna happen. So, if you’re dreaming in your own little boy’s brain, thinking that we’re not gonna show up and Tommy’s not gonna fight you, mate. Well, you’re gonna be very wrong. Be prepared to get taken out [of] that room on a stretcher, my friend, because that’s what’s happening to you. You have no chance at all. I don’t give you any chance whatsoever. Not a remote chance, not even a puncher’s chance. And your last fight with [Silva] — that fake thing where you missed him, mate, and he fell on the ground — and watched it time and time again on the video. [Silva], you missed him, he fell down and got counted out. You’re in a real fight this time. So, advice to you, keep them up.”

Jake Paul is currently the betting favorite over Tommy Fury so the oddsmakers expect the American to get his hand raised. However, John Fury has a ton of confidence that Tommy will pull off the upset and KO Paul to likely end his boxing career.

What do you make of John Fury’s warning to Jake Paul?

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