Leonard Ellerbe Believes Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis Is The Biggest Fight In Boxing

Ryan Garcia

Leonard Ellerbe doesn’t believe Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua is the biggest fight in boxing as many think. Instead, the Mayweather Promotions CEO believes that honor goes to Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis.

After Garcia knocked out Luke Campbell earlier this month, he called out Davis and the two have gone back-and-forth. Both men said they’d finish the other early, and for Ellerbe he knows both men are massive stars and says that would be the biggest fight in the sport.

“It’s an excellent fight,” said Ellerbe to FightHype.com (via boxingscene), the front man for the company that promotes the 26-year-old Davis. “And actually, in my opinion, it’s the biggest fight in boxing – period. It’s the biggest fight in boxing. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on that, but you know, that’s my opinion.”

Although Ryan Garcia recently revealed he would be fighting Manny Pacquiao next, Ellerbe believes the fight will happen. He knows the buzz would be massive and be big paydays for both men.

“There’s a tremendous buzz about, you know, both guys,” Ellerbe said. “Both guys are attractions, big-time attractions in the sport. You know, Ryan gets a lot of flak because there’s a lot of jealousy. You know, he’s a good, young fighter, and he took care of his business. And congrats to him.”

However, whether or not the fight happens is uncertain. Ellerbe is uncertain if Oscar De La Hoya would let Garcia take the fight, but the Mayweather Promotions CEO believes Garcia would push Golden Boy to make it happen.

“I can’t speak for Oscar, but Ryan Garcia, he’s a boss,” Ellerbe said. “He’s a boss and he’s let the world know that he wants to fight Gervonta Davis next. So, that’s what Ryan Garcia said. You know, if there’s a disagreement, that’s none of my business. I’m just only reiterating what the fighter said. You know, and he said it to the entire world. I don’t know what Oscar’s thinking, what he wants to do. That’s not none of my business.”

Do you think Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis is the biggest fight in boxing?