Logan Paul Has KSI Decision Appeal Denied

Logan Paul

It looks like KSI will keep his one and only win in his professional boxing career.

KSI and Logan Paul met in their professional boxing debuts in a rematch at Staples Center last month. In a six-round fight that saw plenty of controversy, it was KSI who was given the split decision nod after two judges scored the fight in his favor.

Paul was notably deducted two points after grabbing KSI’s head and striking him with another uppercut while he was going down. The YouTuber felt the penalty was unfair, especially as if he was docked just one point, he wouldn’t have lost the fight.

It was later revealed that he officially appealed the result. However, it was to no avail:

β€œMy appeal got denied,” Paul said in an uploaded video (via BJ Penn). “I can’t say I did not see this coming. For those of you that do not know, I appealed the two points the ref took away from me in my boxing fight against KSI. Which was the reason I lost.

“So, KSI has officially won without question or doubt against me. It is not great. You know, if I’m being honest, it stings. I hate to lose. It mostly stings though, because I shot myself in the foot. I quite literally only lost because of my actions.”

KSI certainly took the news well.

What do you make of Paul’s appeal being rejected?