Manny Pacquiao Fires Shot At Floyd Mayweather, Prefers ‘Real Fight’ Over YouTubers

Spence Pacquiao

Don’t expect to see Manny Pacquiao fighting YouTubers.

The Philippines Senator is set for arguably his biggest matchup in recent years when he faces Errol Spence Jr. in a welterweight title fight.

It could also be Pacquiao’s last fight though the 42-year-old has refused to rule anything out. However, it’s a testament that at his age, the former eight-division champion is still fighting the very best on the planet well into their prime.

Pacquiao’s rival, Floyd Mayweather, meanwhile has only competed in boxing exhibitions in recent years — the latest of which was an unimpressive performance against YouTuber Logan Paul.

With many criticizing Mayweather for his performance as well as post-boxing career moves, Pacquiao has been getting praise for still competing at the elite level.

And he decided to take a sly swipe at Mayweather when asked why he took the Spence fight.

β€œHe’s undefeated, young, considered as one of the best. That’s what I want,” Pacquiao said (via Middle Easy). β€œI can take a YouTuber, I can take a non-boxer. But I just pick one of the best. … Boxing is my passion. I want a real fight.”

It will certainly be interesting to see if Mayweather decides to respond, especially as he has offered to give Spence tips.

Mayweather, of course, outpointed Pacquiao when they met in their highly-anticipated matchup in 2015.

That said, Pacquiao believes Spence doesn’t need any tips.

β€œI think Floyd don’t need to advise him,” Pacquiao added while smiling. β€œHe will advise Floyd because he is better than Floyd.”