Mike Tyson Explains ‘Uncomfortable’ Interview With Good Morning Britain

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson was recently interviewed by Good Morning Britain, where he was asked about his upcoming exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr. Tyson appeared lethargic and unpresent during the interview, which had many of us fans worried about his return.

He appeared to be slurring his words, which isn’t abnormal for Tyson, he’s always had a quite a thick lisp in his voice, but it was more apparent than usual. He also dropped his head and closed his eyes a bunch throughout the interview.

Tyson stated that he fell asleep while trying to stay awake for the interview, stating that he’s like a lion when he’s sleeping, as in he’s difficult to wake. He also didn’t have a monitor, and neglected to look into the camera considering.

The former multiple-time heavyweight champion took to Twitter so state the following:

“Hey mate @piersmorgan @GMB @susannareid100 and UK. I tried to stay up late for the interview but fell asleep and like a lion I’m hard to wake once asleep. Training hard and going to bed early. I had no monitor so I couldn’t see you guys and forgot to look into camera.”

This makes things a little better, or at least it appears. No one wants to see an unhealthy 54-year-old fight anyone, let alone someone who’s had 23 fights since he had his last one, regardless of whether that opposing man’s 51-years-old or not.

This excuse seems plausible, and it looks like the fight will go ahead on November 28. Though it’s not the safest thing either man have done, nor the best idea either of them have had, we all want to see this fight now that it’s been talked about and advertised enough.

We have a multiple-time heavyweight champion in Mike Tyson (50-6) 2 NC against a multiple-time super-middleweight, middleweight, light-heavyweight, and cruiserweight champion in Roy Jones Jr (66-9).

Who do you see winning this return of the legends fight?

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