Regis Prograis Says Josh Taylor Is Atop His Hit List, Believes It Would Be A Massive Fight

Regis Prograis, Josh Taylor

Regis Prograis has set out his hit list which sees Josh Taylor atop the list.

Prograis is set to face Jose Zepeda on Saturday night for the WBC light welterweight title. It’s a big fight and if Prograis wins, he’s chasing the rematch with Taylor who he lost a majority decision to in October of 2019.

“For me, the number one guy on my list is Josh Taylor,” Prograis told “I don’t know what’s gonna happen to him after this fight. I don’t know if he’s gonna go up or not. But if everything goes smooth, I’ll be a world champion and if he can beat Catterall, he’ll be a world champion. I think that’s a huge fight. Of course, I won’t fight him in the UK again. But maybe we can fight in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or something like that, somewhere me and him could make a huge fight. Prograis versus Taylor II, I think that’ll be a big fight, especially if we both have the belts. To unify again, I think that’ll be a huge fight. That’s the number one person on my hit list.”

Before the rematch between Regis Prograis and Josh Taylor can happen, both will need to win their upcoming fights. Taylor is set to rematch Josh Catterall – who Prograis thought beat Taylor last time out so he isn’t surprised to see the rematch take place.

“I’m not surprised about it,” Prograis said of Taylor’s insistence on fighting Catterall again. “I don’t know him too much personally, but from what I do know of Josh Taylor is that he wants to shut the people up. And a lot of people gave him a lot of sh*t about that, especially in the UK because the UK people are really serious about that stuff. From what I understand, he was just getting a lot of hate mail, people talking about his family and all that stuff. He had to revisit that. Being over there in the UK, like you can’t run from it. If people thought you lost that fight, you have to fight him again, unless you just like move to America or something like that. So, he had to fight Catterall again.”

Would you like to see Regis Prograis vs. Josh Taylor 2?