Ricky Hatton Warns Tyson Fury To Not Underestimate Deontay Wilder’s ‘Murderous Punches’ Ahead Of Trilogy Bout

Tyson Fury

Ricky Hatton knows Tyson Fury can’t underestimate Deontay Wilder ahead of their trilogy bout on July 24.

Fury was supposed to fight Anthony Joshua but an independent arbitrator ruled Wilder was owed the third fight so he will face Fury again in Las Vegas. It’s an intriguing matchup and many expect Fury to run through the American again, but Hatton says he can’t expect to do that.

“Could Tyson Fury be underestimating Deontay Wilder? Possibly,” Hatton wrote in his column for the Metro. “That’s the first question everyone is going to ask of him, if there is going to be any complacency. Especially given how easily he won the second fight.

“But Tyson will know he will need to be even more switched on for this one. I know Wilder will be embarrassed deep down over how the last fight ended so he is going to come up more determined,” Hatton continued. “Tyson has got to be as determined as him no matter what happened last time. And let’s have it right; Deontay Wilder is a murderous puncher. I’ve seen clips of him working with Malik Scott.”

Ricky Hatton does make a very valid point due to the fact we have seen Wilder only needing one punch to end a fight. He could be losing the entire fight until he lands. Wilder even landed two of those shots against the Brit in the first fight but somehow Fury managed to survive.

In the trilogy, it will be interesting to see what Wilder does differently. It is likely Fury will fight very similar using his pressure to put Wilder on his back foot. He mentioned that was the key to success but he will need to add somethings in order to secure the win.

Who do you think will win, Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder?