Mike Tyson: ‘I Want No Trouble’ With Zhang Weili

Former UFC women’s strawweight champion Weili Zhang has taken Mike Tyson‘s pre-fight prediction personally, where he predicted Rose Namajunas to defeat Zhang and re-claim her throne.

Tyson stated the following in regards to Zhang leading into their fight at UFC 261: “But listen (for) Rose that could be a walk-over. So beautiful to be, so vicious. She destroys you.”

Of course, Tyson’s prediction was correct, but Zhang responded to him with the following when speaking with CGTN:

“Tyson has no right to comment because he knows nothing about MMA. He knows nothing about me.

“I will not be affected, but do my best instead, and I suggest Tyson try MMA himself.

“She (Namajunas) has great footwork and boxing skills. I have prepared specifically for her skill set. I will check my arsenal and pick the suitable weapon to play against her. I know that anything could happen.”

Tyson then took it upon himself to respond, as he doesn’t want any hard feelings with the first ever Asian UFC champion:

“Whoโ€™s that little Chinese girl in MMA, she says she wants to kick my ass? And I said Rose is harsh. I said Rose is harsh because she gotta fight Rose. I like Rose, Rose is hot. I said you are pretty too, I want no trouble.”

Namajunas walked away the victor via KO (head kick and punches) just 78 seconds into round one.

As you see, Zhang predicted Namajunas’ boxing and footwork to be the biggest threat, as she’s shown us recently. However, she completely forgot that Namajunas started out with Taekwondo, and is a black belt in the art.

That snappy kick she ended the fight with comes from that background, she’s just improved her boxing so well that’s what has been working for her recently. It’s crazy, we must’ve forgot.

Zhang has since congratulated Namajunas on her stellar championship-winning victory via Instagram:

“I want to congratulate Rose on her victory . She bounced back from her defeat. I believe I will also come back, only beat a great champion, to become a legend, and beat a legend, I will become a new me.

“Before, my goal was to win the UFC championship, but today, I have a higher goal than that. Thank you! It’s normal to lose and win. That’s the UFC. Andrade, Joanna, Rose have all lost and they all come back and try again.

“I have deepened my understanding of UFC today. So I believe I can come back. Hopefully the UFC will schedule a rematch soon”

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