Vergil Ortiz Jr Inks Deal With MTK Global

Rising star Vergil Ortiz Jr has signed an advisory deal with MTK Global and a managerial agreement with Rick Mirigian. Over the past few months MTK has been busy bulking up its roster. It has recently added Jamel Herring, JoJo Diaz, Lorenzo Simpson, and Jonathan Lopez to its ranks.

“I’m very excited to sign with MTK as an advisement group with manager Rick Mirigan, who also happens to be the manager of my favorite boxer Jose Ramirez. I’ve heard great things about Rick and MTK, and I’m looking forward to the future,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz is an impressive addition to the MTK roster, as the undefeated 22-year-old has true superstar potential. The deal will run for five years.

 “We are proud to be partnering with Rick Mirigian to work with the incredible Vergil Ortiz Jr.

 “Rick is one of the leading boxing figures in the US, and what he’s managed to achieve in the sport shows that he’s guaranteed to be a valued strategic partner for MTK Global.

 “Ortiz has had a sensational career so far, and he’s destined to become a world champion, so we’re extremely excited to now be working with this superstar, “MTK Global CEO Bob Yalen said.

Ortiz’s new manager is already mapping out the future for the Texas-native.

“There are plans for Ortiz to be the face of the 147 pound and a superstar in the near future. We want to build Ortiz outside of the ring and bring in landmark endorsement deals and look to help put on major fights around him at Cowboy Stadium.

 “I’m blessed and grateful to him and his team for giving me the chance to help guide this next chapter of his career. I will give them my all,” Mirigian said.

Ortiz’s most recent outing was a seventh-round KO victory over Samuel Vargas back in July. He is currently signed to Golden Boy Promotions, and with the recent departure of Canelo Alveraz, Ortiz must now be considered one of the promotions most essential fighters.

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