WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Reveals The Name of The New 224lbs Division

WBC Belt

WBC president, Mauricio Sulaiman has revealed the name of the new 224-pound division.

Recently, WBC announced they are creating a new division, which many fans and pundits called a money grab as it bring in more sanctioning fees. However, Sulaiman believes it makes sense and revealed the division woudl be called bridgerweight.

The name also comes from a six-year-old boy named Bridger Walker who saved his four-year-old sister from an attack from a wild dog.

“We have decided to create a new division inspired by the hero of humanity, just six years old, who saved the life of his little sister,” said Sulaiman, in an interview with the Herald of Mexico (via BoxingSocial).

“10 years ago the WBC decided to move the limit of the cruiserweight division from 190 to 200 pounds, considering the weight of the athletes, since they have undoubtedly grown in an extremely impressive way. The highest division, heavyweight, means the highest glory, as the world champion in this category has been traditionally recognized as the most important athlete in the world, the invincible one, the gladiator.

“We have decided to create a new division called Bridger, as it is the bridge necessary to serve the large number of boxers who are between 200 and 224-pounds. This name is inspired by that hero of humanity, that six-year-old boy who heroically saved his four-year-old sister from an attack by a wild dog during the pandemic; yes, this new division is inspired by Bridger Walker.”

After the weight class was announced many wondered who would get the first crack at the belt. Well, according to reports, it is rumored that Deontay Wilder will be the one fighting for the bridgerweight title first. Wilder, of course, is coming off a TKO loss to Tyson Fury to lose his WBC heavyweight title.

It certainly makes sense for Wilder to fight for the new belt first as he is a big name in the sport and a smaller heavyweight who could likely cut down.

Who do you want to see fight for the bridgerweight title?