Bob Arum: I Don’t Think Mayweather vs. Pacquiao II Is Even Possible

The long-awaited and overhyped Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao boxing ‘Fight of the Century’ didn’t exactly deliver on its top billing earlier this year, yet talks of a rematch still reportedly surfaced out of Qatar this week when Pacquiao said he was in discussions with Mayweather’s team for a final fight.

However, Top Rank leader Bob Arum, who handles all of Pacquiao’s matches, spoke to TMZ Sports to say that just is not true, putting an end to the speculation in succinct fashion:

“There’s been no negotiations, no discussion and because of the scheduling I don’t think it’s possible for it even to happen.”

Mayweather supposedly retired for good after his snore-inducing decision over an outmatched Andre Berto on September 12, an Arum said he doesn’t believe that ‘Money’ will come back for a fiftieth and final fight at any time.

However, with four of his luxury automobiles going up in flames this week as well, will ‘Money’ look to climb back into the ring for one last massive payday with Pacquiao? Should fans even be forced to pay for that lackluster fight again?