Former NHL Enforcer Georges Laraque In Talks For Charity Boxing Match With Mike Tyson

Former NHL enforcer for the Edmonton Oilers, Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Montreal Canadiens, Georges Laraque is in talks with Mike Tyson’s team for a charity boxing match.

Being an enforcer in hockey means you’re the teams fighter more or less. They don’t have you for your skill, they have you because you can fight.

That’s exactly why these four teams had Laraque on their roster. In 695 total games throughout his 13-year run, Laraque scored just 53 goals, but racked up 1126 penalty minutes with 131 fights during his career.

At 6’3” and around 250 lbs, he made an intimidating enforcer to say the least, and now he wants to try his hand at boxing. Fighting in hockey is relatively similar to boxing, in the sense they only throw their hands.

However, they’re wearing ice skates when they’re out on the floor, it’s very different than wearing shoes specifically designed for pivoting on a non-slippery surface.

The thing is, the reason he’s in talks with Tyson’s camp is because he’s in talks of fighting ‘Iron’ Mike himself, which is pretty insane when you think about it. Someone who never had a professional, or even an amateur boxing match.

At least he’s not new to fighting per se, but fighting Tyson is completely different than fighting literally anyone else, even though Tyson is 54-years-old, and even though it is an exhibition. As we’ve said before, just because it’s an exhibition, doesn’t mean it isn’t a real fight.

Laraque is turning 44-years-old next month, so at least he’ll have the youth advantage. It’s safe to say we can all agree however, Tyson is a very youthful middle-aged man himself.

Tyson is of course set to make his return to the ring for the first time in 15 years against Roy Jones Jr on November 28, but after that, Laraque wants his shot at one of the greatest heavyweights to ever do it.

Laraque had the following to say on the possibility of this match up when speaking with CTV News:

“They contacted us. They’re interested and it’s just my agent trying to find a way to get the right package. We’re talking (about) an exhibition. It’s not an actual fight. It’s not dangerous… It’s not like I think I would have a chance against him.

“Maybe in the last round, I’ll put myself in position to get knocked out. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I have no idea.”

Laraque saying it wouldn’t be an actual fight and that it’s not dangerous in untrue, unless of course they have a special rule set. It just won’t go on their records.

For instance, if anyone here watches The Ultimate Fighter, all of those fights are exhibitions, none of them go on the fighters records, and they’re all just as real with just as real of consequences as any other fight.

They’re considering a three-round bout between these two, presumably three-minute rounds. Tyson’s fight with Jones later this month will be eight-two minute rounds.

Would you be interested in seeing this match up? Honestly, it’d be another time we get to see Mike Tyson.