New Photos Of Mike Tyson Have Fans Worried For Roy Jones Jr

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s return to the ring has left many worried about the 54-year-olds health, with many of us not liking the idea of a return, regardless of whether it’d be entertaining or not.

Now that some new photos of Tyson training have been released, it seems people are more worried for Roy Jones Jr, who is 51-years-old.

The fact that Tyson fought entirely at heavyweight and Jones was a middleweight, super middleweight, and light-heavyweight most of his career, it makes sense. However, Tyson hasn’t fought in 15 years, the exact amount of time Jones has gone 17-6 in.

Former champion Shannon Briggs had the following to say about the video: “Look at em y’all!!! ABSOLUTE POWER!”

In response to Briggs’ post, one fan commented: “He’s done hibernating. Looks like old Mike is back. Be afraid.”

Another fan added: “I feel bad for RJJ. My two favourite boxers but Mike is a damn monster.”

Then another fan commented: “Man I think Roy is in trouble! Roy’s the man, just as Tyson is, but I just can’t see Roy pulling this one off.”

And lastly, another fan added: “Mike Tyson is winning this in the first round.””

Jones has admitted that ‘death is a possibility’ when he squares off with Tyson, and Tyson’s trainer Rafael Cordeiro has stated that even at the age of 54, Tyson could certainly ‘kill somebody’.

Jones told Joe Rogan while on his podcast that the exhibition bout will be eight-two minute rounds, 16 total minutes on the clock, rather than the six-three minute round rule they had originally came up with.

Jones commented on the new ruleset: “That’s to his advantage too. Everything’s to his advantage, that’s to his advantage too. At this point, the fans are so excited about it, I wouldn’t want to pull the rug from under the fans… and they (Team Tyson) will try and sue me.

“It’s not really worth it, so I’m going to go in and do these two rounds, but I’m going to have to work a little bit faster than I expected to.”

This fight will be fought at a completely different pace now, considering it consists of two minute rounds. The outcome will be just as exciting regardless, it’ll be interesting to see if that effects anything.

Who do you see winning this epic battle of the legends?

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