Shakur Stevenson Misses Weight, Vacates Titles

Shakur Stevenson

Shakur Stevenson has missed weight for his fight against Robson Conceicao on Friday night in Newark, New Jersey.

Stevenson was set to defend his WBC and WBO super featherweight titles against Conceicao, however, on Thursday he missed the 130lbs mark. He weighed in at 131.6lbs and was forced to vacate his titles, and can not win them back in this fight. Instead, it is only a title fight for Conceicao.

After the weight miss, Stevenson took to social media to say he tried his best and he would be moving up to 135lbs after this.

“I gave it my all,” Stevenson wrote. “I’ve been professional my whole career and made weight, but my body just can’t make 130 anymore. My health has to come first.”

“It’s showtime I’m locked in regardless see y’all soon,” Stevenson added.

If Shakur Stevenson does defeat Robson Conceicao on Friday night, he would get a big fight in his 135lbs debut and one name he wants is Devin Haney.

“I think he been talking about it on the regular, like 135 is not the easiest for him to make,” Stevenson told “So, I just don’t see me and him being at the same weight class at the same time. I feel like we always end up [a division apart]. It’s gonna happen. We’re gonna stop growing and it’ll happen. But I just don’t see it as of right now. I think he’s on his way up to 140 and I’m on my way up to 135…

“I think it’s a big, big fight,” Stevenson later added. “But with that fight, I feel like we would have to be at the same weight class and, for some reason, I just honestly feel that me and him been one weight class apart our whole careers, since the amateurs. I’ll be 114 and Devin would be 119. Then I’ll be 123 and he’ll be 132. So, you know, we never really are at the same weight class at the same time.”

Shakur Stevenson is currently 18-0 as a pro and coming off a decision win over Oscar Valdez.

What do you make of Shakur Stevenson missing weight?