Andy Ruiz Ranks Chris Arreola In Heavyweight Top Five

Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz has revealed who he believes are the top 5 current Heavyweights in Boxing, and their is one surprise pick in there.

In a recent interview with PBC on Fox, former world heavyweight champion was posed with the question of who does he beleive the 5 greatest current heavyweights are. Here is his list in reverse order:

“5: Chris Arreola

4: Deontay Wilder

3: Andy Ruiz

2: Anthony Joshua

1: Tyson Fury” (via Boxing News 24/7).

Whilst the likes of Fury and AJ are in there as expected, there are likely very few who would include Chris Arreola in that list. Dillian Whyte would appear to be a much more suitable candidate. However, Whyte and Ruiz have had multiple back and forth, with Whyte going so far as to call Ruiz a “fake Mexican.” This may well be why Ruiz left Whyte out of the discussion.

There is also the fact that Ruiz is set to face Arrreola next. Thus it stands to reason that he would attempt to drum up some excitement for the fight but linking Arreola’s name with the likes of Wilder and Fury.

He stated the following in regards to Arreola:

β€œHe’s a Mexican heavyweight just like me. He don’t give up. Me and him are bangers and we like to give the crowd what they want.”

Do you agree with Andy Ruiz that Arreola is a top 5 heavyweight? Let us know in the comments.