Ben Askren To Link Up With Freddie Roach Ahead Of Jake Paul Bout

Ben Askren appears to be enjoying himself in preparation for his professional boxing bout opposite Jake Paul.

This fight will go down on April 17, live on Triller. Askren was recently interviewed by Jordan Hardy, a PBC Boxing Reporter, where he stated early on that it’s been going better than he expected it to.

His first week was strength and conditioning, his second week was where he started boxing, and his third week, this week, he’s boxed every day.

Askren also mentioned that the way he looked while striking in mixed martial arts competition was because it was always geared toward him securing a takedown. Now that he doesn’t have that to resort to, he’s been forced to actually learn to box, and it’s been going very well.

The nine-time MMA world champion continued: “Next week I have a world champ boxer coming in, he’s gonna help out my camp. We’re gonna try to get some really good opinions out of him, Cornelius Bundrage.

“He’s supposed to be really good, and then actually, I didn’t tell you guys this, but I’m gonna go visit Freddie Roach in March, so that should be good. A lot of fun stuff coming up.”

This is great for Mr. Askren, because he’s going to need all the help he can get. Anyone that knows of his MMA career knows he’s one of the very best pure wrestlers, and one of the very best overall grapplers in MMA history.

We also know he cannot take Jake Paul down when he boxes him.

Askren is an Olympian, he won the NCAA Division I National Championships twice, and came in second place twice. That means he competed for the No. 1 spot all four years in college, which is just remarkable.

Askren is also a World Champion, two-time Big 12 Champion, two-time Big 12 Championships second place, US Nationals Champion, and many others. Those are just he bigger of his credentials, there are still a ton more.

Oh, he went 153-8 in college freestyle wrestling competitions, those eight defeats coming to just two people. Like mentioned above however, none of that matters.

Askren has really got to sharpen his hands up, because we’ve never seen him throw good punches. The thing to that is, we have seen him throw before, it just never looks good, and has never been effective.

Jake Paul is effective, having gone 2-0 with two knockouts, and having won his single amateur bout as well. There are also a number of videos of him hurting his sparring partners daily, but we’re going to go ahead and assume they’re not athletes the level of Ben Askren.

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