Chael Sonnen: I ‘Don’t Know’ That Any Boxer Can Beat Jon Jones

Jon Jones admits

Jon Jones is simply a winner – or that’s what one outspoken MMA name believes.

Jones has excelled in all athletic endeavors he has taken part of. In amateur wrestling, Jones captured an NJCAA Collegiate Championship and was also named an NCJAA All-American. In mixed martial arts (MMA), Jones is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and has never lost inside the cage.

If he were to dedicate his athletic ability fully to boxing, who’s to say Jones won’t see success?

“Bones” recently teased a possible boxing move, saying he believes he could hang with the best of them if given two years to train. Jones’ former opponent, and former UFC middleweight title challenger, Chael Sonnen, seems to agree. Speaking in a Twitter video recently, “The Bad Guy” said he’s not so sure any boxer can beat Jones (via MMA Junkie):

โ€œSome guys are winners, and some guys arenโ€™t,โ€ Sonnen said. โ€œAnd that is just a reality. And it does not come down to hard work and dedication and discipline and focus and experience. Sometimes it just doesnโ€™t.

“Sometimes you just have a winner. Jon Jonesโ€™ highest level that he ever reached in wrestling was the national junior college championships. And guess what? He won it. The highest level that he ever put himself into in mixed martial arts was a light heavyweight championship fight. And guess what? He won it. Some guys are just winners, like it or not. I do not think that Jon Jones is the worldโ€™s greatest boxer. I just donโ€™t know that Iโ€™m sure that any boxer in the world can beat him.โ€